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Nerd Kitten is Emi Boz


Hi, I'm Emi Boz. I created to share my insanity with you. 


I love making people laugh, and I really enjoy cats. Zombies and unicorns are cool too. I also love pop culture and nerdy stuff. Woo. I hate writing bios.


I've been an artist since I was a wee child, and I am still an artist today. I make all kinds of stuff, from paintings to toys that you can buy in stores! 


I make several apparel lines, and I bake awesome desserts too!


I also write, create music, work on app designs, story board, work on tv pilots and much much more. 


Well, thats it. I mean, theres a lot of stuff and I'm just done explaining it all! I hope you enjoy my comics and they bring some happiness to your life.


Emi Boz

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